Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to West Rand Bible School

As from 2020 I will be in the privileged position of being the principle of the West Rand Bible School. My introduction to the school was in 2017, joining the One Year Chronological Survey of the Bible course. Since then I have been a student in this remarkable school under the previous principle Tonya Dreyer and the still lecturing Colin Diesel. Colin and I will be the main lecturers, but we have Graham Mol and others to assist periodically.

Historically the school has its roots as the ‘Morning School of the Bible” with a rich heritage of cultivating in its students a love of Scripture with rich teaching in Bible knowledge and advanced Biblical knowledge.

One of the aspects of this school is the non-threatening place of study for the Christian that wants to study God’s Word without the stress of exams, assignments or accreditation pressure. Just a friendly environment with interaction of other like-minded people.

As an interdenominational Bible School we have a rich culture of respect but the love for Scripture has been the sustaining value. The One Year Chronological Bible Survey equips the learner to understand the sweep of the Bible as a unity and in that a deeper appreciation of the salvation plan of God. The Advanced Biblical Studies Course brings a deeper understanding of theology, ethical and relevant subject matters within the ethos of the love of God’s Word.

Asked what my personal vision is for the school I can but quote “But shepherds do not [just] feed their sheep. Instead…they lead them to good, green pastures where the sheep feed themselves.” (1) My dream is that every student that attend will grow in a rich appreciation of Scripture, competent to feed themselves from the green pastures for everyday application of the sufficient Word of God.

Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

Yours in Christ

Joan Hartman