2020 Courses

2020 Courses will start on Wednesday 29 January.

Cost: Fees are kept to a minimum and are R450 per term.

There are two course options: 1) A Survey of the Old and New Testament and 2) Advanced Biblical Studies. More information on each course is provided below.

If you would like to register for 2019, you can download the relevant course registration form here:

1) Registration Form One Year Bible Survey Course 2020

2) Registration Form Advanced Biblical Studies Course 2020

Please complete the form and email it to Joan at joanflower06@gmail.com

Payments are to be made to:
The New Harvest Christian Fellowship
Bank: FNB
Branch Number: 251141
Account Number: 6201 9337 270
Reference: WRBS (Your Name)


  • West Rand Bible School offers courses once a week for three and a half hours in accordance with the Gauteng school terms.
  • The dates of the four terms offered during 2020 are as follows:
    • Term 1:      29 January – 18 March
    • Term 2:     15 April – 10 June
    • Term 3:     8 July – 16 September
    • Term 4:     7 October – 25 November


    • We ask that students please respect their fellow students and lecturers by arriving on time and to be seated when the lecture starts.
  • If a student is not able to attend a lecture or needs to leave early on a given day, we kindly request that you inform the lecturer or the principal before or during the lesson.


  • • The fees are R450 per term. The West Rand Bible School reserves the right to set and maintain a minimum number of students per term in order to make it possible to offer the various courses.
  • Each student must complete a registration form and hand it in (first term), along with their proof of payment.
  • People qualified to teach and passionate about the Word of God are appointed as lecturers.
  • West Rand Bible School does not have any official accreditation from the South African educational authorities and will not be seeking such accreditation. We do, however, offer letters of recommendation for those who have maintained an 85% attendance throughout the year, should they require such.


The Survey Course (four terms) offers the following:

  • Bible timeline, history and world events in biblical times
  • A book-by-book study of the Old and New Testaments in Chronological order.
  • The basic message of each book.
  • Highlights of each book.
  • The significance of each book for our understanding of the whole Bible.
  • Major themes in each book.

The Advance Biblical Studies course offers the following:

  • Systematic Theology (Term 1)
  • General Church History (Term 2)
  • South African Church History (Term 3)
  • Systematic Theology II (Term 4)

Further Information

1. Registration: Please complete the Registration Form and email it along with your proof of payment to joanflower06@gmail.com

2. Fees: R450/term, due on or before the first day of each term. Payment can be made by EFT/Direct Deposit – please put WRBS and your name as reference and send confirmation to 083 312 9844 or joanflower06@gmail.com

3. Bank Details:
Payments are to be made to:
The New Harvest Christian Fellowship
Bank: FNB
Branch Number: 251141
Account Number: 6201 9337 270
Reference: WRBS (Your Name)

4. Times:
We meet on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 until 12:00 at The New Harvest Christian Fellowship (23 During Road, Harveston, Roodepoort)

Bible School Terms:
1st term: 29 Jan – 18 Mar
2nd term 15 Apr – 10 Jun
3rd term 8 Jul – 16 Sep
4th term 7 Oct – 25 Nov

First Session:        09:00-10:30
Tea:                            10:30-11:00
Second Session: 11:-12:00

NB: Please make an effort to be on time. Lectures begin 9:00 sharp.

5. First Day of Term: Please try to be at the church by 08:45 on the first day of term. The church will be open from 08:30.

6. Tea: Once a term you will be asked to help with morning tea. A tea roster will be circulated for you to sign up for a date that is convenient for you. Please check with the other student on duty to co-ordinate snacks and to arrange that one person bring a litre of milk.

7. Before your weekly lecture, it is very important to read the relevant Bible passages (refer to your reading schedule).

8. Co-ordinator: Joan Hartman 083 312 9844