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Notice regarding the commencing of the West Rand Bible School.

Thursday 10 September 2020
Dear Students, after much consideration and prayer the decision was made only to reopen the West Rand Bible School next year, starting afresh.
Our first concern will always be the safety of the students and response to the small survey conducted under the current students, the majority indicated the desire to restart again next year. My apologies to the few that indicated interest in a stand alone last term course.
May God grant you health and spiritual growth the rest on 2020.
Please feel free to contact me regarding any queries.

God Bless
Joan Hartman

We are an inter-denominational Bible School, that meets on a Wednesday morning at The New Harvest Christian Fellowship (23 During Road, Harveston AH, Roodepoort) from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

We offer a 1 year Chronological Survey of the Bible, which is divided into 4 terms according to the Gauteng School Calendar. Starting 29 January with Genesis 1 and concluding the 25th November 2020 with Revelation the students will be taken on a chronological journey through the Bible.

We also offer a 2nd year Advanced Biblical Study course, where we cover the major Christian doctrines, relevant ethical issues and other Biblical subject matter. The Advanced Biblical Studies for 2020 will start the first term with Systematic Theology, second term at the request of students, General Church History. The third term closer to home: South African Church History and the last term a continuation of Systematic Theology.

The unique ethos of these courses are they fill a need between traditional Bible Studies and formal Bible Training Institutes. No tests or assignments, a just relaxed interactive examining of God’s Word or Christian beliefs. The courses are aimed at the believer who feels the need for deeper biblical understanding and insight and who wants to grow in his/her relationship with the Lord.

2020 courses will start on Wednesday 29 January 2020.

Cost: R450 per term

Please scroll down for the registration forms and a flyer. Feel free to distribute the flyer to friends, family and, by permission, with your church community.

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2020 Courses

2020 Courses will start on Wednesday 29 January.

Cost: Fees are kept to a minimum and are R450 per term.

There are two course options: 1) A Survey of the Old and New Testament and 2) Advanced Biblical Studies. More information on each course is provided below.

If you would like to register for 2019, you can download the relevant course registration form here:

1) Registration Form One Year Bible Survey Course 2020

2) Registration Form Advanced Biblical Studies Course 2020

Please complete the form and email it to Joan at joanflower06@gmail.com

Payments are to be made to:
The New Harvest Christian Fellowship
Bank: FNB
Branch Number: 251141
Account Number: 6201 9337 270
Reference: WRBS (Your Name)


  • West Rand Bible School offers courses once a week for three and a half hours in accordance with the Gauteng school terms.
  • The dates of the four terms offered during 2020 are as follows:
    • Term 1:      29 January – 18 March
    • Term 2:     15 April – 10 June
    • Term 3:     8 July – 16 September
    • Term 4:     7 October – 25 November


    • We ask that students please respect their fellow students and lecturers by arriving on time and to be seated when the lecture starts.
  • If a student is not able to attend a lecture or needs to leave early on a given day, we kindly request that you inform the lecturer or the principal before or during the lesson.


  • • The fees are R450 per term. The West Rand Bible School reserves the right to set and maintain a minimum number of students per term in order to make it possible to offer the various courses.
  • Each student must complete a registration form and hand it in (first term), along with their proof of payment.
  • People qualified to teach and passionate about the Word of God are appointed as lecturers.
  • West Rand Bible School does not have any official accreditation from the South African educational authorities and will not be seeking such accreditation. We do, however, offer letters of recommendation for those who have maintained an 85% attendance throughout the year, should they require such.


The Survey Course (four terms) offers the following:

  • Bible timeline, history and world events in biblical times
  • A book-by-book study of the Old and New Testaments in Chronological order.
  • The basic message of each book.
  • Highlights of each book.
  • The significance of each book for our understanding of the whole Bible.
  • Major themes in each book.

The Advance Biblical Studies course offers the following:

  • Systematic Theology (Term 1)
  • General Church History (Term 2)
  • South African Church History (Term 3)
  • Systematic Theology II (Term 4)

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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to West Rand Bible School

As from 2020 I will be in the privileged position of being the principle of the West Rand Bible School. My introduction to the school was in 2017, joining the One Year Chronological Survey of the Bible course. Since then I have been a student in this remarkable school under the previous principle Tonya Dreyer and the still lecturing Colin Diesel. Colin and I will be the main lecturers, but we have Graham Mol and others to assist periodically.

Historically the school has its roots as the ‘Morning School of the Bible” with a rich heritage of cultivating in its students a love of Scripture with rich teaching in Bible knowledge and advanced Biblical knowledge.

One of the aspects of this school is the non-threatening place of study for the Christian that wants to study God’s Word without the stress of exams, assignments or accreditation pressure. Just a friendly environment with interaction of other like-minded people.

As an interdenominational Bible School we have a rich culture of respect but the love for Scripture has been the sustaining value. The One Year Chronological Bible Survey equips the learner to understand the sweep of the Bible as a unity and in that a deeper appreciation of the salvation plan of God. The Advanced Biblical Studies Course brings a deeper understanding of theology, ethical and relevant subject matters within the ethos of the love of God’s Word.

Asked what my personal vision is for the school I can but quote “But shepherds do not [just] feed their sheep. Instead…they lead them to good, green pastures where the sheep feed themselves.” (1) My dream is that every student that attend will grow in a rich appreciation of Scripture, competent to feed themselves from the green pastures for everyday application of the sufficient Word of God.

Please feel free to contact me for additional information.

Yours in Christ

Joan Hartman

Contact Us

For more information contact Joan Hartman on

083 312 9844 (WhatsApp or SMS)